TTT is viewed as an extended service by a number of schools within the Godalming Confederation of Schools. We deliver a range of assemblies, targeted workshops, Christian Unions and input into pastoral support and alternative learning programmes.

We are particularly lucky to have the team coming into school to run sessions with our students and more specifically assemblies. They are always engaging and informative and never the same content. To me the greatest strength is the ability to communicate at a level that the students both understand and respect.’’
— Chris Williams, Assistant Head, Rodborough School


WOWZA! - After School Club

@ Godalming Junior School at 3:05pm to 4:05pm

A mixture of games, crafts and discussions on a Bible topic. Free entry. Open to all school years. Snacks and drinks included.


Breakfast Club

@ Rodborough School from 8:10am in the Conference Room

Hot breakfast, games and discussion with the Trinity Trust Team. By invitation from pastoral support team. 

KWL Club

@ Broadwater School Room 3 at Lunchtime

Lunchtime Christian Union. Open for all students. 


@ Rodborough School Room 304 at Lunchtime

Lunchtime discussion group on life's big questions. FREE DONUTS! Open to all students. 


WOWZA! - After School Club

@ St Edmund's Catholic Primary School at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

A mixture of games, crafts and discussions on a Bible topic. Free entry. Open to all school years. Snacks and drinks included.



Christian input

We lead assemblies in junior and secondary schools every term. Each school year we theme our assemblies and write the majority of our own material. We aim to convey core Christian messages in relevant, accessible and memorable ways for a contemporary youth audience by utilising drama, music/multimedia, storytelling, puppetry, dance and mime.

We run Christian Unions in Rodborough & Broadwater schools weekly and also deliver retreat/away days for local junior and prep schools, liaising with key staff to design programmes that deliver core themes and activities in line with the school's intended outcomes and that are age appropriate.


Syllabus / alternative learning support

TTT also provides a presence within the curriculum as it supports mainstream timetable and alternative learning programmes.  

This includes coordinating and delivering a key component of the Social Studies programme (L2) for Year 11 students at Rodborough School with sessions on emotional well-being, substances, relationships and staying safe online. TTT also delivers a weekly breakfast club on behalf of the school pastoral support team, working with students that have struggled to integrate into mainstream school life.


Supporting young people moving on between schools 

We provide valuable practical support to schools in assisting pupils in the sometimes difficult transition between junior & secondary school through our

  • Yr 6 Moving On Workshops

  • Yr 7 Induction Programme

We visit local junior schools with our Moving On workshop for Year 6 during the summer term and play a key part in the Induction Day at Rodborough School, delivering team building sessions for incoming Year 7 students.

For more information on how we could support your school, contact TTT Director Andy Poulsom.

Some of the local schools we visit

Rodborough School  in Milford near Godalming

Rodborough School in Milford near Godalming

Broadwater School  in Farncombe, Godalming

Broadwater School in Farncombe, Godalming

Godalming Junior School

Godalming Junior School

St Edmund's Primary School

St Edmund's Primary School