Andy Poulsom

Andy Poulsom (Director)

Andy is a former actor, youth theatre director, teacher and advertising agency director who came to full time youth ministry in 2006 after a transforming experience in the Spirit. 

His wealth of strategic, creative and leadership experience has enabled innovation and professionalism to thrive as TTT has transitioned to the charity it is today.

Andy's role includes leading/developing the youth work team, devising/supporting youth related groups and programmes, building and developing key partnerships with stake holder churches, school staff teams and other youth focused organisations.

He is also a regular speaker in local churches and at youth events.

"I enjoy meeting young people at their point of need and supporting them in unlocking their potential, whether in a faith, educational or a social context. I'm passionate about delivering the gospel message to a wider audience in dynamic, relevant, accessible and memorable ways; bringing scripture alive. It's a privilege to walk in faith with young people, especially when they are taking their tentative first steps."

Matt Blake

Matt Blake

Matt grew up in Godalming but has moved around a bit since returning to work with the Trinity Trust Team. 

It was when Matt was 16 at Soul Survivor that Matt felt his Christian faith go from black and white to colour and he realised that the God of the Bible is just as active and powerful today. 

When Matt left Godalming College he interned with Busbridge and Hambledon Church before moving to Blackheath, London to train as a youth minister. 

In July 2015, Matt graduated with a First Class degree in Theology and Youth Ministry from St Mellitus College and moved to Lee Abbey Devon where he helped lead the youth and children's team. He also met Emily, his wife, there and they moved to Godalming together in August 2016. 

Matt's hobbies include watching good films, reading heavy books about theology, sailing, cycling and local sports. 

Matt seeks to guide young people into a deeper relationship with Jesus and share his passion for theology. 

Arianna Pisetti

Arianna Pisetti

After having graduated from the University of Padova, Italy, in 2014 with a master's degree in Human rights, Peace and Political Science, Arianna decided to change her life and fly to England. She currently works as a youth worker at Surrey County Council and Trinity Trust Team.

Her dream is to become a human rights defender and research on violations of human rights on the field and for the NGO sector. She is proud of being an Amnesty International activist and is passionate about human rights, intercultural and interreligious dialogue. She also has a lot of hobbies like trail running, mountaineering, singing, volunteering, gardening, baking/cooking. She is naturally curious about everything and everyone is new and different from her, especially if there is a good chance to have an interesting chat!

"I really believe that young people are our future and the only chance to change the world we live in is to create a better and more positive environment. They need to have a safe place where they can be empowered through informal education and through the improvement of a 'can do attitude'. They need to be encouraged to participate in our community for a better future and to do so we have to jump on a mission. That is to help them to build and trust in their abilities and skills; to gain more self confidence; to learn to respect others no matter how much they differs from us; and finally to have faith."