The Trinity Trust Team (TTT) first came to my attention during a period where there were high levels of youth related anti-social behaviour in the Farncombe area of Godalming, and TTT were key players in engaging with youths on the streets and in open spaces. The Trust has been serving local young people in Godalming and surrounding areas for over 20 years in a variety of settings (local schools, churches and communities) and is generally accepted as being the lead youth provider in the area to date.

TTT is widely acknowledged and respected by local statutory organisations with representation on a number of working parties hosted by local government and police looking at youth related anti-social behaviour and youth provision broadly. It was the consultation carried out by TTT that informed Godalming Town Council of the need for a dedicated youth centre, something the town council have acted on and will open later in 2022, staffed by the new Godalming Youth Service who will work closely with TTT in delivering youth services in the area.

During the pandemic and after lockdown, TTT increased their profile in the community with additional outreach provision and their presence on the streets has been acknowledged by local police and local government. TTT has twice been Godalming Town Mayor’s charity of choice, has received awards from the Surrey High Sherriff, Bishop of Guildford, National Lottery ‘Reaching Communities’ and was recognised by the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service for their work in raising the profile of mental health in schools. I have met the Team Director, Andy Poulsom and thanked him for the important work he and his team deliver in this part of my constituency.’

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